Waveriders reopens in Nags Head. Changed but the same.

Waveriders Coffee Deli Pub in Nags Head has reopened and all is right in the world of the Outer Banks.

A favorite gathering place for—well, everyone, for a month the coffee addicts in visiting and in our community had to find alternative homes. Luckily there are quite a few of those on the Outer Banks, but there is an ambiance Waveriders that makes it special.

Back on July 30 an espresso machine caught fire after closing and the inside of the building was destroyed. Given how extensive the damage was, getting the doors open in a month seems pretty remarkable.

Anyone who is familiar with the all purpose eatery will still feel very much at home; it has all changed but is till all very much the same.

The layout of the service areas is just as it has always been, although they have moved the cold drink containers closer to the cash register.

The furniture looks like its all new—new colors and a little bit different design. Also the layout of the seating has been rearranged and seems to give a bit more of a sense of privacy.

The semi-private meeting room with the sliding door is still there, with all new furniture, of course.

The bottom line is, perhaps, Waveriders has reopened, and it’s the same and maybe even a little bit improved.