Handing out Brindley Beach beach bags at the Brindley Beach booth.

The Outer Banks Wedding Expo 2017 has come and gone, and it was a good time. The food was great—it always is; some of the musicians were playing as the crowds went by and there was a lot of information to gather in just two days.

Top prize for something different to eat this year has to go to Sugar Creek Restaurant on the Causeway in Nags Head. There chicken waffle—a mini waffle with a small piece of chicken, and a mini squirt tube of syrup—was good and innovative.

Even though this is a Wedding Expo,  and it’s really geared toward the bride—it began its life as a way to bring more weddings to the Outer Banks—the event is evolving.

Weddings are still at the heart of the annual gathering is all about, but increasingly events of all sorts are part of the mix: family gatherings, business meetings, corporate getaways.

There is a certainly logic to the trend.

Tracy Seal, our Brindley Beach Vacations Reservations and Event Home Specialist, points out that to the property owner there is very little difference between a family reunion and a wedding; both bring aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and parents to the Outer Banks. And both of them usually bring 50 to 100 people to the area, all of them needing a place to stay, probably some catering and other services.

Brindley Beach does have event homes available for special occasions, but just as importantly, with over 600 properties available, we can keep families and guests close together.