Custormers lining up at Tar Heel Too produce stand in Kill Devil Hills.

They’re back and thank goodness for that. Our Outer Banks visitors have returned in force this Memorial Day weekend.

The Outer Banks is a tourist driven economy and we make no bones about it. It doesn't matter that living here, we know what the cycles of the season are, when to expect our visitors to once again fill our roads, homes and beaches with families. Even knowing that, there is something gratifying, and a real sense of relief, when the license plates from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland start showing up.

It does have its inconveniences. Anyone who is a resident of the Outer Banks just accepts that Saturday and Sunday are not the days to go grocery shopping. Those two days are reserved (not officially, of course) for all the out of town visitors who need to shop for a family of five for the week. Since that happens a few hundred thousand times over the course of two days, the supermarkets tend to be very busy.

Trying to find a seat at a restaurant during the week is a challenge. Saturday and Sunday, though, which are turnover days—seating is usually pretty quick.

A rainy day during the week? Traffic gets very heavy as everyone exits the beach and goes souvenir shopping. If you live here, it’s a great day to bury your head in work and feel compassion for friends working in retail stores.

And it’s all worth it. This is a great place to live, and our guests are truly our guests.