Postcard from the 1920s showing the Whalehead Club

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’ve written quite a bit about the Whalehead Club, mainly because we think the programs and activities they have are great for kids, families and adults that just want to go out and have a good time.

Their latest venture, all about helping children to get a better understanding of what life was like when the Knights—the original owners—lived there. Called “Joan’s Way” it is an audio tour of the Whalehead Club designed for children.

Named after nine year old Joan Starkey who was the daughter of the Knight’s valet, Robert Starkey, tells about living at the Whalehead Club and life in Corolla in the the 1920s.

It is not the only children’s program offered at the Whalehead Club, but this is the first audio tour that has been created. Using iPad technology, children are taken through the rooms of the Club as seen through a child’s eyes.

The tour will be offered throughout the winter. For more information contact the Whalehead Club at 252.453.9040.