There was a stiff breeze from the northeast blowing today on the Outer Banks. To a lot of the visitors spending the week here, it probably seemed a bit chilly, but to the kiteboarders it was pure perfection.

From the sound to the sea, the sky was filled with kites pulling surfers skimming across the water. Especially in the sounds, where the waters are a bit smoother, there were some pretty spectacular jumps and a few acrobatics.

Windsurfers were on the waters too, creating a mosaic of motion. It was a surprising gift of color on a gray day.

It was also a reminder of how many things there are to do on the Outer Banks. Yes, beach is the main attraction, but for many people the beach marks the borderline for where the real fun begins, a place where outdoor activities and adventure seem to go hand in hand.

There are a number outfitters on the Outer Banks who give lessons, although most of them are south of Oregon Inlet. However, Kitty Hawk Kites, which one of the largest and best organized schools is located in Nags Head.