Weather Channel map Tuesday evening showing forecast effect of the winter storm.

It looks as though it’s going to be a pick-your-poison week on the Outer Banks. The thermometer never cracked the freezing mark today, the wind chill is in the teens and the best we can say about tomorrow is that it will be at least a little bit warmer.

This weekend it’s setting up for a pretty good sized nor’easter—although the models we’ve seen show the storm forming off Cape Hatteras and then tracking up the coast. Friday and into Saturday it looks like a lot of rain and some strong winds, but compared to what the forecast is showing for the I-95 Corridor we’re getting off easy— lots and lots of snow from Richmond north to NYC.

After the storm passes through, things do look better for next week—milder, temperatures will be in the mid 50s, with light winds. There is a chance of showers mid week, but compared to this week, that doesn’t seem all that bad.

The Outer Banks in the winter is a very different place compared to what the summer is like. Much slower paced, it’s really more like a village than any thing else, for anyone looking to get away for some true rest and relaxation, this is a great to of the year to visit. Rates are at their absolute lowest and there’s plenty of room on the beach to wander about. Call us at Brindley Beach Vacations, (877) 642-3224, or go online and see what we have to offer.