Westbound traffic exiting the Outer Banks on the just-reopened span of the Wright Memorial Bridge.

The westbound span of the Wright Memorial Bridge has reopened. Depending on who’s spinning it, it’s either two day early a one year late.

Originally scheduled to be a one winter project, high winds a frigid temperatures slowed the repaving project down in the winter of 2013. Although the both spans of the bridge were open for peak season traffic last summer, it was clear to anyone leaving the Outer Banks that the project was unfinished.

Reopening on Wednesday of this past week, phase 2 of resurfacing work was completed a little ahead of schedule—two days., to be exact.

The $6.3 million NCDOT venture is part of a statewide plan to upgrade and maintain the state’s bridges. Using al atex-modified concrete designed to give a smoother ride and extend the road’s service life, the project also included replacing expansion joints in the bridge. Famous—or infamous—for its bumpy ride, especially in the summer, the new expansion joints should give riders a more even ride.

In other Outer Bank bridge news, the Mid Currituck Bridge appears to be back on track with all indications that it will be included in the next round of NCDOT project budgets voted on in June. The replacement for the Bonner Bridge is still in negotiations between the NCDOT and the Southern Environmental Law Center.