Hurricane Isaias


August 2, 2020 – 10:11 am

Dare County Update: Based on the current information provided by the National Weather Service, Dare County has decided to not issue an evacuation order at this time.


August 2, 2020 – 9:51 am

Currituck County Update: Based on the current information provided by the National Weather Service, Currituck County has decided to not issue an evacuation order at this time.


August 1, 2020 – 11:45 am

It has been announced that a mandatory evacuation order is now in effect for Hatteras Island.  All properties managed by Brindley Beach Vacations & Sales are well-north of Hatteras Island in Dare and Currituck Counties. Both counties will meet in morning to discuss further orders. 

Below is a link to the Outer Banks Voice which is a great source for news on the Outer Banks:


July 31, 2020 – 2:53 pm

We are watching this weekend’s weather and are concerned about hurricane Isaias. The current track shows the storm coming our way on Tuesday. Brindley Beach Vacations will hear from the County officials after their meeting in the morning on August 1. It is important that you stay tuned to the news and weather for the latest on the impacts on the Outer Banks.

To receive automatic updates from the county you can subscribe using the links below to our emergency alert systems.

Currituck County Emergency Management:

Dare County Emergency Management:


What Every Visitor Needs To Know Before and after The Storm

Hurricane Watch, indicates that storm conditions are possible in the specified area, usually within 36 hours. If a storm WATCH is issued, monitor weather information for storm developments. Secure outside items at your rental home and prepare to evacuate. Fuel vehicles and have belongings packed and ready to go.

Hurricane Warning, indicates that storm conditions are expected in the specified area, usually within 24 hours. Closely monitor the storm’s progress on local radio and television stations and log on to for public advisories. Listen and watch for evacuation notices.

In North Carolina, local counties have the authority to determine when an evacuation is necessary. If an evacuation is ordered, ALL vacationers must leave the Currituck Outer Banks. During an Evacuation be prepared to drive a considerable distance away from the storm area. There are no storm shelters on the Currituck Outer Banks. Visitors should take all belongings and pets with them when evacuating. You will not be guaranteed re-entry into the Currituck Outer Banks following the storm.

Re-Entry into the Currituck Outer Banks is granted by Emergency Management officials, who decide when the area is safe. Visitors wishing to return to their rental homes must provide a rental agreement or other relevant documentation at the time of re-entry. Re-entry priority groups are as follows:

  1. Priority One: Essential EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement, Utilities, Damage Assessment teams and essential hotel employees needed to provide housing for recovery personnel.
  2. Priority Two: Residents and critical businesses: banks, building supply, drug stores, food service, gas stations, insurance, property management, local contractors and tree removal.
  3. Priority Three: Non-resident employees of non-critical business, non-resident property owners.
  4. Priority Four: Visitors and the general public.

For details, call Currituck County Emergency Management’s hotline at (252) 232-6010

For up-to-date information, tune in to local radio and television stations during your stay:

Radio Stations

  • 92.1 FM, WCDG
  • 97.1 FM, WYND
  • 102.5 FM, WERX
  • 93.7 FM, WPYA
  • 98.1 FM, WOBX
  • 102.9 FM, WOWI
  • 94.5 FM, WWOC
  • 98.7 FM,WNOR
  • 104.1 FM, WCXL
  • 94.9 FM, WPTE
  • 99.1 FM, WVOD
  • 104.9 FM, WFMZ
  • 95.7 FM, WVKL
  • 100.5 FM, WXMM
  • 105.7 FM, WRSF
  • 96.7 FM, WKJX
  • 101.3 FM, WWDE
  • 560 AM, WGAI

Television Stations

  • CH. 3, WTKR
  • CH. 10, WAVY
  • CH. 4, WSKY
  • CH. 13, WVEC
  • CH. 7, WITN
  • CH. 19, Government Access

Emergency Contact Numbers

  • Currituck Emergency Management (252) 232-2115
  • Emergency Management Hotline (252) 232-6010
  • Currituck County Public Information (252) 232-0719
  • Local Storm Advisories,