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3 Dec 2022
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There is something that is just so refreshingly human and small town about the Manteo annual tree lighting that it is not possible to be cynical or hide your joy.

This was the 40th time the event took place. That, of course, takes into account the COVID break, so all in all, a remarkable record of consistency and a real tribute to understanding that it’s the small things that bring true quality to life.

The 20222 version was much like the other versions. That doesn’t mean there was anything wrong with; rather, that’s exactly what made it so wonderful. The combined Manteo High School and Middle School choirs sang some songs. The Manteo Elementary School Choir held up the flags of many of the countries of the heritage of their teachers and sang songs. There was dancing from local dance schools.

As always, there was at least one highlight for the evening and this year the prize goes to Mrs Santa Claus reading The Night Before Christmas. It’s such a wonderful story and Mrs. Claus read it without a hitch or hesitation.

The highlight of the evening, of course, is always the appearance of Santa Claus and this year was no exception. There’s always a big cheer when the big guy comes on stage and then it’s his responsibility to throw the switch for the lights to light up that giant fir tree by the Manteo docks.

Part of what makes this such a perfect evening is how the entire town seems to be on hand to help with the celebration. Streets are blocked off, local churches are handing out hot chocolate and cider. There were pastries from another. The town had two roaring fires going. 

Certainly in some large city somewhere, all of this could be accomplished, but none of it would have the feeling of neighbors greeting neighbors and friends celebrating the spirit of the holidays with friends.

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