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8 Aug 2021
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We can’t believe we actually have to write this, but please do not dig a 4’ or 5’ hole in the sand. And whatever hole you dig, for goodness sakes, fill it in when you leave.

This isn’t about digging a hole to build a sandcastle or something that a father and his kids create to test their engineering skills. What we’re pointing to are massive pits in the beach that people leave after they create the hole.

Those pits—that’s what a number of them are, not just a hole in the sand—are a danger for so many reasons.

Simply creating it has its own dangers. Sand is inherently unstable. Digging a something as deep as 4’, 5’, 6’ or even more—that picture supposedly is 7’—has led to fatalities. Someone is at the bottom of the hole digging away and the sand gives way, and there is no getting out.

Thankfully we’re not aware of any reports of that happening on the Outer Banks for quite some time, but every year, someplace in the United States, there is a report of that happening.

The danger, though is to more than just the person digging. If that hole is not filled in, anyone on the beach at night is at risk of falling in. 

Nighttime on the beach, the shadows challenge depth perception. Unless it has been experienced, it’s hard to understand that even someone as apparent as a 5’ deep pit in full sunlight is hidden at night. But that is the case.

And—emergency vehicles do have to use the beach. That pit could be right where they need to go.

Our Outer Banks Beaches are there for everyone to enjoy. Have fun, play…but remember that courtesy and responsibility go a long way to making sure everyone has a great time.

Sun, surf, sand and the Outer Banks, that’s what it’s all about and Brindley Beach Vacations wants everyone to enjoy their time visiting us.