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1 Jul 2021
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It’s time for Susannah Sakal and Paul Manning to go sailing. The owners of Front Porch Café since 1999, after 22 years they’re ready to set sail for wherever the wind will take them.

The new owners are their neighbors at there Kill Devil Hills location, Laura and Phil Wayland who own Chip’s Wine, Beer and Cigars

It seems like a great fit. Both businesses have built their reputations of taking care of customers, quality product and innovation.

Front Porch, with locations in Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo was the first espresso, specialty coffee shop on the Outer Banks. The original store was in Kill Devil Hills. Then Nags Head and finally Manteo.

Along the way Susannah and Paul were the first to do a couple of things. They were the first local coffee roaster, and their quality control is outstanding. In their KDH store they put in a pottery studio—Glaze and Go Nuts. The general consensus was they were crazy for doing it, but evidence suggests the general consensus was wrong.

Laura and Phil have also been innovative in growing their business. 

The couple bought the business in 2010 and grew it to three stores…Kill Devil Hills, Duck and Nags Head. Like their KDH neighbors, they did something most people thought would fail—and olive oil and balsamic vinegar store. With tastings.

Again the naysayers were wrong. Attached to the stores, the olive oil is its own successful business.

It was in the Nags Head Chip’s that the two businesses worked together for the first time. Soon after opening in 2019, Laura wanted a coffee bar in the store. Three weeks later in the heart of summer, she had one.

This particular sale really seems like it will work out for everyone. Laura and Phil see Front Porch and quality coffee as a natural fit for their wine and olive oil sales, and Susannah and Paul get to go sailing.

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