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23 Sep 2022
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They wrapped up the Eastern Surf Association championships at Jennette’s Pier on Thursday. Good thing, too, because come Thursday night into Friday morning the winds Hurricane Fiona was spinning off as it passed well offshore churned things up pretty well. 

Overnight gusts were up to 40 mph with steady winds holding around 25-30. That churned up the ocean on Friday morning making it not surfable—certainly not surface for amateurs.

And that’s what the ESA is. One of the largest, if no the largest amateur surf organizations in the country. It’s been around since 1967, so this marks its 55th year.

About 10 years ago the ESA settled on Jennette’s Pier to hold their national championships. Although there is never any guarantee of good surfing conditions for any competition, the sandbar that seems to form and hold south of the pier, creates a pretty consistent set of waves. 

Still, Monday and Tuesday this week was a challenge with waves certainly on the small side. Then the Fiona generated swell began rolling in on Wednesday and Wednesday and Thursday saw some of the legendary Outer Banks conditions that fall storms create.

One of the best features of the ESAs is the wide range of ages competing. Kids as young as nine can see what they can do, and in the Grand Legend surfers 60 and up here still riding waves.

And it’s not just surfers. There are also divisions for bodyboarding and Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP).

Something else that truly makes the ESAs stand out is how family oriented it is. A regulate part of competitions, especially for the younger surfers, sees the whole family cheering them on. The result is the sport and the way the ESA presents itself creates a very wholesome feel.

The surfing looks to be amazing for the next couple of weeks on the Outer Banks. We’ll hope all those storms out there pass between us and Bermuda, and just sends the waves.

So surfers, grab your boards and head our way and be sure to stay in a Brindley Beach Vacations home.