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19 Sep 2021
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The ESA, the Eastern Surfing Association turns 50 this year and they’re returning again to Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head for they East Coast finals.

The ESA Easterns features some of the finest surfing to be seen. It’s an amateur association, but the word amateur in this case really needs to be taken with a grain of salt. 

The ESA holds events for surfers as young as 10 or 11, and for many of the youngest competitors, the competitions are an important first step to becoming professional or in some cases, earning a college scholarship.

Some of the older surfers are former pro surfers. They’ve gone on to other interests in life now, but the competitive juices still run strong. There are surfers 60 and older riding eaves and putting on a great show.

The ESAs are somewhat unique in the world of surf competitions—far more inclusive than just about anyone else. Categories are broken down by age group, but the organization also offers different  board competitions.

There are, of course, the surfing contests, but the ESA also features longboard competitions.

The surf report for the week is looking pretty good. Nothing too outrageous, although toward the end of the week, swells from some of the Atlantic tropical systems far out to sea should be reaching the Outer Banks. 

Tomorrow, Monday, looks to be the most challenging for the week, with wave heights forecast at around 2’. That should test the skill of the surfers to get a good ride. However, one of the reasons the Easters is held at Jennette’s Pier is the sandbar that has formed on the south side of the pier usually creates some good rideable waves.

The ESAs will run through the week, ending on Saturday.

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