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26 Sep 2021
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The first full day of autumn on the Outer Banks and that’s just what if felt like. Nice cool breezed from the northwest, clear skies, moderate temperatures. It is what we have come to expect for the fall on the Outer Banks.

The beach is certainly a great place to be now that the fierce heat of the summer sun has backed off just a bit. However, there is s much to see and explore on this sand bar, that we look at fall as the perfect time to discover the other side of the Outer Banks.

We were just coming back from a hike along the Birch Lane Trail. The hike began on the south end of the trail, a great place to begin the walk now that there are wooded bridges connecting the trail to the Dare County Kitty Hawk Park. That’s off Kitty Hawk Road.

The hike was nice. With a brisk breezed and moderating temperatures, the bugs were way down, hardly even noticeable. It was pleasant but not spectacular, but what made it memorable was the great blue heron startled out of the marsh near the end of the hike.

Taking flight he—maybe, it’s a little hard to tell, unless the male and female are side by side—perched in a tree about 50 yards from the bridge.

It may seem strange that a wading bird would perch in a tree, but great blue herons actually spend a lot of time in trees. Perhaps most significantly they build their nests high in trees that surround the marsh. It’s a great defense mechanism against most predators.

Although there is some migration in great blue herons, especially in the north, generally they are present on the Outer Banks year round.

Grab a trail map and your camera an head out to any of our wonderful maritime forests. A Brindley Beach Vacations Home is sure to be conveniently located near one.