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31 Oct 2021
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Every place has its own Halloween traditions, but tonight we’re not talking about other places. We’re focussing on one street, on neighborhood in Kill Devil Hills.

It’s not clear when it began, but at some point, it seems, everyone along First Street in Kill Devil Hills started putting up the most outrageous Halloween decorations they could come up with and in quick order the children followed.

It’s more than just First Street now. It seems as though it’s a three or four block area where ghosts, goblins, skeletons, witches and more spend the evening howling at the children—-hoping to create a good scare.

It has become a wonderful tradition, and parents from all over the Outer Banks bring their kids, dressed in an amazing array of costumes, to walk along the streets and collect candy as they’re going along.

It is difficult to even describe how packed with kids and their parents the area becomes. So much so that the police have taken to keeping a very close eye on roads to make sure anyone trying to drive in that four block area understand three miles per hour is the maximum safe speed.

It can be an expensive proposition for the neighborhoods. Sure the mechanized scary clowns complete with glowing eyes and vocalizations aren’t cheap. But that’s a one time investment. Buying enough candy of 500 to 600 kids, at least—that’s an ongoing expense.

But it is such a wonderful part of the Outer Banks story, that hopefully everyone will work together to keep it going. If there is truly magic happening at Halloween, it is undoubtedly the joy of a four-year-old tyrannosaurus rex, his bag filled with candy telling his mother what a great time he’s having.

The Outer Banks has so many wonderful traditions and stories to tell. Be a part of our tale and come stay with us at Brindley Beach Vacations for a week or two.