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27 Jun 2022
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The art community on the Outer Banks has some pretty remarkable creative genius, and Gail Kowalski is definitely part of the community. 

She’s the owner of Jewelry by Gail in Nags Head and here it is 45 years after she first came to the Outer Baks and she’s still creating her incredible one-of-a kind jewelry.

Gail’s creations are like nothing else seen in the world of jewelry. Working with almost any kind of stone, 14K gold, platinum or sometimes silver, she fashions these extraordinarily complex designs. They are asymmetrical—invariably—and, by her own admission, she simply cannot make the same design twice.

Geometric designs…triangles, squares, hard edges…nope, she doesn’t do those either.

She once even admitted making matching earrings can be difficult for her.

But what she does create are individual works of art.

She grew up in Pittsburgh but the annual family trips to the Outer Banks began a love affair with the area. After graduating college with a degree in art, she put her mind to moving here.

Her first place round of life on the Outer Banks was from a jewelry booth in R&R Junction in Nags Head. We think that’s now the Booty Treats on the Beach Road.

Five years later, she was successful enough to buy a building and begin creating her own gallery. 

It’s been expanded over the years, and the show room is pretty extensive featuring her own jewelry creations as well select pieces from other jewelers. The Jewelry by Gail gallery is on Driftwood Street in Nags Head across the road from Glenn Eure’s Ghost Fleet Gallery.

The Outer Banks has so many interesting people and stories. Come spend some time with us here at Brindley Beach Vacations and begin your own story on the Outer Banks.