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27 Jun 2021
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We’re probably having the best year we’ve ever had on the Outer Banks. More visitors than ever, more cars on our roads—everything that goes with a great place to visit when it’s discovered.

Along with that, though, we do want to put out a quick cautionary note about how our staffing is going.

We have a labor shortage right now on the Outer Banks. The problem is housing for our summer workers, not wages, which has come up in other areas. Here, though, it’s housing, and the issues involved are way to complicated to get into here.

The reason we mention this is the effects are noticeable, and a little bit of patience will go a long way. Just remember…you’re on vacation…relax.

One of the most apparent consequences of not having enough workers is felt at our restaurants. During our peak season, getting seated has always included a wait. That wait time in some cases has gone up considerably. 

There are really two reasons for that. 

Some of the problem is there is not enough wait staff or kitchen help to move things along efficiently. The other issue is there are simply a lot of people here right now and there are only so many place to get something to eat.

Some restaurants do take reservations. That’s something to keep in mind. But for the places that don’t there will probably be a delay in being seated.

To illustrate how significant the shortage is, a number of restaurants are closing one day a week, even in this peak season, simply because they do not have the staff for seven days.

One other change to note. 

The Roanoke Island Aquarium—one of our favorite places to visit—requires repurchase of tickets with a scheduled time to visit. They have been at 100% capacity for the past few weeks, so make those reservations as soon as possible.

One thing that hasn’t changed are our wonderful beaches or how friendly we are. Hope to see you soon at a Brindley Beach Vacations home.