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4 Jun 2023
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The 2023 season of The Lost Colony on Friday night and we can unequivocally recommend it as a great night of theater and entertainment. Now in its 86th season, it did need to be updated, and what was on stage on opening night, stayed true to the original parameters of the play, yet brought the production into the 21st century.

With some very good acting, outstanding choreography and lots of songs that help move the story along, there is nothing to complain about this year. Particularly nice for 2023, some of the learning curve for the special effects that were apparent last year have been resolved.

They’re using 3D projections to help with scenery and to move the plot along and some of those special effects are so good it’s startling. That is especially the case as the colonists are crossing the Atlantic to their new home. As depicted on stage, the crossing was terrifying. Historically that may not have been the case, but it made for great theater.

The Lost Colony is a fictitious story based on real events, so not everything matches perfectly with history. There is, however, a surprising amount to historic accuracy to the play that was first performed in 1937.

John White did lead the first expedition and return to England for supplies. He was forbidden to leave as Queen Elizabeth I ordered all ship to be available to stave off what would be known as the Spanish Armada. 

One of the most effective scenes in the play has pleading with the Queen to let him return to the colony. His daughter, Virginia Dare—also true—had been torn earlier in the year at the colony.

Wanchese and Manteo are historic figures, and did, in fact, sail to London when John White returned. And, as depicted in the play, Wanchese distrusted the English and became their implacable foe and Manteo worked with the colonists, trying to help them gain a foothold in the New World.

There’s a lot to like about the play this year. But don’t let up tell you about it. Go see it for yourself. It’s perfect for the whole family.

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