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29 May 2023
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It’s Memorial Day, the unofficial start to the Outer Banks summer season. We’re posting a picture from a summer day on the beach from last year to go with our announcement because, honestly, the weather has not been all that good this weekend.

Kind of tough to get in the water when the surf is running around 6’-8’ with lots of chop and some rain to go with it. It wasn’t quite that bad today, but Saturday and Sunday were to good beach days at all.

The picture with this post is of the Kitty Hawk beach—toward the northern end of the town, if we’re being exact. But really, it could have been just about any beach on the Outer Banks from Corolla to Hatteras Village. About the only thing that might change is whether there’s a pier in the image. That’s Kitty Hawk Pier in the distance.

Things are of course, getting busier and busier. The Food Lions, Harris Teeters and Publix all had all their lines open for shoppers and there were a lot of them.

It will bet busier, though. Even though Memorial Day is often thought of as the kickoff for the summer beach season, the fact is, until schools get out, the flood gates don’t full open. That usually starts at the third week of June.

Memorial Day is a great day to celebrate the beginning of summer, but the day does have a much more significant meaning, and one that is far more somber. This is a day to recall that not every service member we send off to defend us will come home again. 

We should celebrate this day; celebrate our freedoms and the joy of family and time with those we care about. Yet a moment or two of reflection on this day, is also an appropriate way to recall how important our freedoms are.

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