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21 Jul 2023
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The Outer Banks Scallywags are just about to wrap up their regular season. They’ve got one more week of play, and then it’s onto the playoffs. They have a winning record, although not the best in the Premier Collegiate League but the way they’ve been playing lately, they have a real chance of going all the way.

The PCL is a league made up of college players from across the nation. It is a wooden bat league the same bats the use in the major leagues, and for quite a number of players who have grown up using aluminum bats, there’s a lot to learn. That’s true for pitchers and batters.

The Scallywags use to be the Dare Devils, but a forced three year hiatus—two for COVID, one for working with the school district on a field—seems to have benefited them.

The club moved to the Maneo High School field, which was built back in the 1990s for a national baseball tournament. It is a very good facility.

And the brand of baseball the Scallywags put on the field is pretty good as well.

It’s not just the baseball that make an evening with the Scallywags something special. There is an innocence about the way the game is being played at this level. The kids are still learning the game, but it’s clear they have some real skills. Pitchers regularly bring 90 mph plus fastballs. A couple of the Scallywag batters have been able to get the ball out of the park. Not an easy task, the fences are deep.

What really makes the evening though is how family oriented everything is—from the price of a ticket—from the price of a ticket, $8, to the concessions that are reasonably priced. There’s the conga line every night, fun and silly races for kids and plenty of room to run and just have a good time.

There’s only a couple of weeks of Scallywags baseball left, but they’re worth checking out.

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