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24 Nov 2021
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Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks is almost here. It will be in a few hours. 

In a lot of ways it’s the same here as it is just about everywhere else in our country. Families and friends gather, there’s food—lots and lots of food—some laughter, maybe some football on TV. But what makes it so much the same as everywhere else is that feeling that the only thing required is to be with people we truly care about and eat too much.

As holiday celebrations go, that has a lot going for it.

Like most places, we’re in to fall. The leaves turn color a bit later here than in the mountains or farther north, so the roads are lined with fall colors, helping to create a real holiday spirit.

There are some things about the Outer Banks and Thanksgiving that are a bit different than other locations. 

Judging by how many people are in the stores and on the road, a lot of folks have come to the Outer Banks to celebrate this remarkable and uniquely American holiday. For many of those visitors, gathering family together by the sea has become an annual traditions. Quite a number of those folks that make this a yearly ritual have homes that they rent to our visitors. 

But they never rent on Thanksgiving week. That is preserved for family.

The weather is going to be cool, but not cold. We’re certainly getting back to normal. 

John Wright at Sanctuary Vineyards by the Cotton Gin in Jarvisburg let us know that after taking a year off because of COVID, the Big Currishuck is happening the Saturday after Thanksgiving. 

That’s an event that if tickets are still available should be on the to do list. Great music, a wonderful family atmosphere, and all the crab, oysters and barbecue you can eat. 

Any time of the year is a great time to be on the Outer Banks. Explore this sandbar by the sea from a Brindley Beach Vacations home.