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15 Dec 2021
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With two beached ship regaining their sea legs today on the Outer Banks, there must have been something in either the air or the water.

The ship that was of most concern was the 76’ shrimp trawler, Bald Eagle II that had come ashore on the Southern Shores beach last Tuesday. The net got caught in the propeller. The crew followed protocols and dropped their anchors, but in stormy conditions, the ship dragged its anchors and the four man crew had to be airlifted off by a Coast Guard rescue helicopter.

Before the ship could be refloated, some 5000 gallons of diesel fuel had to be removed to prevent a possible oil spill.

Earlier attempts to tow the Bald Eagle off the beach had failed, but today the tug John Joseph out of Weymouth, Massachusetts, with some help from an excavator digging the stern of the ship out of the sand, refloated the trawler. 

The ship broke free of the beach a little before 3:00 this afternoon.

The owners have indicated she’ll be towed to Newport News for repairs.

About the same time the Bald Eagle was finally getting back to the water, the Alhambra, a 37’ sailing vessel, headed back out to sea this afternoon. The ship was driven ashore in rough seas about 3:00 a.m. on Saturday morning just north of Avon Pier in Avon.

At the time, the Hatteras Island Rescue Squad reported taking the Captain off the vessel, but did not indicate other crew members.

According to reports, the Alhambra headed out to sea and successfully navigated past Avon Pier.

There’s always something interesting happening on the Outer Banks. The two ship being driven ashore is a reminder of how close to nature this place of beauty really is.

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