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4 Jul 2021
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There is something magical about celebrating Independence Day on the edge of the continent. 

It isn’t just the fireworks that make it special—although that is a part of it. Rather it’s walking along the beach, on a perfect day in July and seeing how important families are to the fabric of our life.

Maybe not being able to celebrate the 4th last year—at least not the way we have traditionally. Maybe it was that today was a perfect beach day. The air temperature was perfect; sea temperature ideal; even the waves were cooperating—not so big they were threatening, but not so small there was no fun in jumping into them.

A sandbar even formed about 500 yards south of the Avon Pier, giving surfers a nice easy break to ride.

The beaches today were packed. We’ve always been popular, but this year it seems a bit different…almost as though those thousands of vacationers are intent on making up for the past year and a half of sitting at home hopping to get out.

In the evening, waiting for the regular fireworks displays at Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head, it seemed as though more people that usual had their own Roman candles, bottle rockets, repeaters and sparklers. And not just a few more people than usual; it really seemed as though there were more than have been seen in the past.

It may well be that was the case. What may make this even more remarkable is there were reports of legal fireworks shortages. Supposedly, problems with the supply chain reared its ugly head again. 

Sure wasn’t any evidence of that on the beach, though.
People are so anxious to put the past 18 months behind us. And the Outer Banks seems to have become one of the go to places to do that.

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