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10 Dec 2022
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Something that is true no matter where we are, when kids are given a challenge they rise to be the best they can be. That has been the case with the Mustang Outreach Program for over 10 years. They just put on a Christmas show at Roanoke Island Festival Park that highlighted perfectly what Music Director Ruth Wyand and Assistant Music Director Amanda Williams has been doing with their young musicians.

The official name of the afternoon of music was the Mustang Music Outreach Program’s Rockin’ Christmas Concert.

What the kids—with some helping hands from the their teachers—put on stage was a wonderful afternoon that traced how kids progress when they stick with something.

The first year students performed some fairly basic Christmas songs. They were probably a bit nervous but they went ahead and played. And that is where it all begins.

By the time the advanced students were on the stage the progression was amazing, with the last band playing some full-on rock n’ roll music with great drumming and a really strong bass line.

The mission of the Mustang Outreach Program is goes beyond the kids and teaching them how to get on stage and perform. There is also an important part of it that include reaching out to the community.

This year, for the first time, a multi-generational ukulele band played holiday songs. Under the direction of Amanda Williams, the ages on stage seemed to range from nine or ten to a senior citizen. They did a great job too.

The show was capped off by what was called the MMOP All Stars, a band that included Wyand and Williams as well as parents of the kids and some of local musicians who have been giving their time to help the program along.

A great way to spend an afternoon and some fantastic music.

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