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A trip to Duck and Corolla wouldn’t be complete without the stops that make the Outer Banks so memorable. Enjoying the surf, sand and sun is part of the fun that draws visitors to this coastal oasis, but beyond the great outdoors, there are several places to explore that speak to the creative side of life that thrives in this area. When you’re in town with arts, culture and creativity on the mind, you won’t want to miss out on adding a few highlight destinations to your itinerary. Whether you’re passionate about museums, galleries or the history that makes a destination the place it is today, Duck and Corolla are teeming with possibilities.

Day 1: Wild Horse Museum

One of the most defining animals that inhabit the landscape of the Outer Banks are wild horses. These stunning creatures captivate visitors, but like all precious wildlife, must be protected in order to thrive in their natural environment. The Wild Horse Museum in Corolla was founded by the greater Corolla Wild Horse Fund and provides a place for guests to come to learn about the history of these majestic creatures in the area. This is an important part of the Outer Banks culture. Complete with a gift shop, all proceeds from the museum go directly back to the fund to help preserve the habitat and lives of these beautiful animals that call Corolla, North Carolina home.

Wild Horse Museum

520 B Old Stoney Road

Corolla, North Carolina 27927

(252) 453-8002

Day 2: SeaDragon Gallery- Outer Banks Art

Since it’s opening in Duck in 2001, the SeaDragon Gallery has been celebrating the creative minds of local Outer Banks artists and their Outer Banks art as well as those that hail from across the country. Providing a pristine venue for these works to be displayed, visitors to SeaDragon Gallery will enjoy a collection of glassworks, pottery, paintings, sculpture, jewelry and much more. Dedicated to one-of-a-kind design and craftsmanship, an afternoon at SeaDragon Gallery is sure to inspire. When you’re done browsing, head outside for a stroll along the nearby boardwalk and take in the scenery that motivated many of the artists on display to create original works.

SeaDragon Gallery

1240 Duck Road #5

Duck, North Carolina

(252) 261-4224

Day 3: Whalehead Club

The most iconic structure overlooking Currituck Sound makes the Whalehead Club a must-visit destination for those who are heading towards Corolla. This restored 1920’s residence plays host to many local events and is open to the public for museum tours on a daily basis. This is another big part of the Outer Banks culture that you don't want to miss out on. Stop by on a Wednesday for the chance to participate in a fun and savory wine tasting alongside friends in both a beautiful and historic setting.

Whalehead Club

1100 Club Road

Corolla, North Carolina 27927

(252) 453-9040

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