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For travelers who have a passion for marine life and a heart for history, there’s no better place to spend a vacation than the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Dotting these barrier islands on the Atlantic are several lighthouses that speak to the importance of maritime guidance. While these lighthouses are charming, they serve an important role for ocean vessels and today, continue to remind visitors of the importance of waterway transportation in both the past and present. Of all the lighthouses the Outer Banks calls its own, there’s something particularly special about Bodie Island Lighthouse.

Illuminating the Shore

Located at 8210 Bodie Island Lighthouse Road, this iconic NC lighthouse is easily recognized by its vibrant black and white striped façade that stands out starkly against blue waters. Located just eight miles south of US-158 and US-64 intersection, the lighthouse sits within the Cape Hatteras National Seashore and stretches 156 feet into the air. While the lighthouse is not open continuously for visitor climbs, it is well worth a visit for those interested in its rich history and also makes an ideal spot for those looking to commemorate their Outer Banks visit with some incredible photographs as well.

Reaching Historic Heights

Built in 1872, the Bodie Island Lighthouse that visitors have the opportunity to witness today is actually the third of its kind in the area. After a first failed attempt at construction in 1847, a second lighthouse was built in 1858 at a height of 80 feet tall but met its demise during the Civil War when Confederate soldiers reduced it to rubble. The current lighthouse was designed in 1871 when construction began and this time, architects included a lightkeeper’s quarters as well. Today the Bodie Island Lighthouse remains in the care of the National Park Service and continues to be meticulously maintained for all to enjoy. This NC lighthouse contains 214 steps from top to bottom and park rangers currently use the lightkeeper’s quarters as a base station.

Book an Outer Banks Stay

Whether you’re here to make the most of lighthouse visits or are looking to soak up the sea, sand, and sun, the Outer Banks is a beautiful destination no matter what time of year you arrive. When your travels bring you this direction, Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales is happy to help you handle accommodation details. We’ll make sure you’re settled into a beautiful and charming vacation rental that captures the essence of the destination and bring the luxury and comfort you deserve. Contact us today to start planning your next trip!