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Those travelers pursuing a vacation destination that comes with maritime charm, small-town feel and breathtaking coastal scenery often find a small piece of paradise when they find themselves in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. This captivating destination on the Atlantic coast can be an amazing getaway spot for those who love getting out on the water and much as it is for those who love history, nature, and architecture. No matter where your vacation interests lie, a trip to the Outer Banks isn’t complete without a visit to a lighthouse. These illuminating beacons of marine safety are incredible landmarks and Currituck Beach Lighthouse is one you won’t want to miss while you’re here.

A Sky-High Landmark

Located at 1101 Corolla Village Road in Corolla, Currituck Beach Lighthouse is a beautiful reminder of how important these lighthouses have long been to the coastal communities of the Outer Banks. Rising 162 feet in the air, the Currituck Lighthouse is stunning to behold with a deep red façade that stands out nicely against the watery backdrop. Built in 1875, the Currituck Beach Lighthouse was the last illuminating addition to the land between Bodie Island and Cape Henry. Today, the lighthouse remains a fully functional beacon with a light that rotates in impressive 20-second increments and can be viewed by passing vessels 18 nautical miles out at sea.

Planning a Visit

Whether you’re in the mood to climb or prefer to admire the Currituck Beach Lighthouse from below, it’s worth a visit. The lighthouse enjoyed a full restoration in 1980 and today visitors can choose to take the perfect picture from ground level or travel up 220 steps for sweeping panoramic views of the sea below. Between the spring and fall seasons, guests 8 years of age and up are invited to climb the Currituck Lighthouse for an entrance fee of only $7.00. Be sure to bring your camera because this lighthouse provides some of the most scenic views imaginable. It’s also conveniently located near historic Whale Head making this an easy addition to the day if your itinerary focuses on historical landmarks.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Outer Banks

From sea, sand, sky or land, the Outer Banks has a way of maximizing beauty. Make sure you have time to see and appreciate it all by letting the team at Brindley Beach Vacations and Sales handle your accommodation details. Our incredible portfolio of properties is sure to satisfy every guest’s taste and style requirements. Contact us today to begin planning your next Outer Banks adventure!