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An important project for maintaining the Outer Bank’s stunning shorelines and ecological diversity, the beach nourishment project is one that helps to maintain the beaches that we all love and cherish. Protecting beaches not only protects our favorite places to enjoy outdoor fun but also the stunning environments and biodiversity that can be found along the OBX beaches.

A Beach Nourishment project will take place in 2022 in the communities of Nags Head, Kill Devils Hills, Kitty Hawk, Duck, and Southern Shores.

What is Beach Nourishment?

Beach Nourishment is the restorative process of adding sand to an existing beach to widen the shore. The process is beneficial as it protects against further erosion and acts as a defense against coastal storms. The sand is brought from other sources including sandbars, an inlet, or a dredged source from the ocean’s floor.

Where Will Beach Nourishment Take Place?

Duck   Kitty Hawk     Southern Shores

Kill Devil Hills & Nags Head are completed.

Beach Nourishment will not take place in Corolla or the 4x4 beaches for 2022. 

How Will the Beach Nourishment Project Affect Visitors?

Beach Nourishment takes place during the fall and summer as storms during the winter and spring months make working offshore dangerous. The beach nourishment projects include construction equipment that features backup alarms and other noises. Impacted areas will be inaccessible for 4 to 6 days at a time, but visitors can still find nearby beach access within easy reach throughout Dare County!

We appreciate your patience and understanding as the OBX communities take action to protect our stunning beaches!

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