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Local blues and rock legend Mojo Collins performs at First Friday in 2019.

First Friday is back! In another sign that, yes, things truly are returning to normal, the Manteo celebration of the first Friday of the month is back. COVID sidelined it for a more than a year, but this Friday, July 2, it’s looking like it’s back and as good as ever.

great white shark swimming in water

Thanks to the shark tracking folks at OCEARCH we now know what we’ve pretty much already known. There are sharks near the Outer Banks swimming off the coast.

The pufferfish are back… specifically the Northern pufferfish…or blow toads…or for the scientifically oriented Sphoeroides maculatus.

It’s early winter on the Outer Banks and the humpback whales are back. Every year, just about this time, humpback whales are seen passing off shore.