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Dining – Mike Diannas Grill Room


This restaurant site was occupied by JK’s Restaurant from 1999-2004. I managed the operations at JK’s since its opening and was the owner during 2003 and 2004. The name change occurred after much thought and debate mainly to add a personal touch and to explore some of the ideas that I’ve wanted to do since starting my first restaurant job in 1989. I have had a life-long love of food, wine, and entertaining. I look at the restaurant as an extension of my home; a great place to see friends and family and start new relationships.

I kindled the most important relationship in my life right here in this restaurant. I married my best friend and lovely bride Lindsey who I met while she was working here. She is my partner in life and in the restaurant and shares the same love of food, wine, and entertaining that I do.

We hope to share our home with you for great food, exciting wines and long lasting relationships.

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